We kick-start

YOUR business

We create the software with
the features that really matter

Save time and money

Over-featured software development is time consuming and expensive. Creating software with features that really matter takes less time and money.

Be involved in
the development

You can get the control over the development progress and give us prompt feedback on functions or features already implemented. Close collaboration between you and developer(s) ensures the correct understanding of tasks and their proper and rapid realization.

of the product

We create easily understandable high quality software which development can be proceeded by other developers.

We are as passionate as you are about your product

What we do for you?

  • focus on the most important functionality of the software
  • draw a plan of product's development and estimate the project cost
  • model the system architecture
  • choose the best technology for idea’s realization
  • develop and implement the software rapidly
  • deliver the solution into live environment
  • provide the work-flow description of the development

Desk Rock is located in a nordic city Tallinn

Niine 11, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia

Desk Rock OÜ
+372 50 34552